Remote second opinion: bringing peace of mind to the health journey of our members

This invaluable benefit is tailored to cater to complex medical specialties critical to our patient’s health. Individuals can have their cases meticulously evaluated by highly specialized professionals renowned for their excellence in clinical care, research, academia, and the utilization of cutting-edge medical technology

What are the benefits of Teleconsultation?

Expert second opinion: gain valuable insight into your condition and minimize the risk of a misdiagnosis 

 Convenient access: tap into CUN’s extensive physician network from the comfort of your home

Global availability: enjoy complimentary online consultations from any location.

Swift service: receive medical evaluations promptly, typically within days.*

* (Excluding highly complex cases).

 Excellence:  members can review the professional qualifications of the specialists reviewing their case

Ready for a remote second opinion?

Simply contact our Patient Services at to initiate a comprehensive review of your medical records, imaging, and test results by one of the clinic’s specialists, culminating in a personalized face-to-face session with the patient.

 Explore the Clinic’s featured specialties part of the exclusive Teleconsultation service and check  the professional experience of its clinical staff: