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Since 1989, Best Doctors Insurance has been the leading international health insurance company in Latin America, the Caribbean and Canada.

At Best Doctors Insurance, we provide our members the very best healthcare by delivering unique health plans of the highest quality. For over 30 years, our insurance products have been the premier staple in the industry and the standards we set, along with a wide range of exclusive benefits, are the key differentiator in the lives of our members.

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At Best Doctors Insurance, we are celebrating 35 years of excellence.

During this time, we have provided exclusive access to the best global healthcare. To commemorate this milestone, we launched “Your Best Life,” a tribute to life and health, designed for those who know how to choose to live to the fullest.
Learn more about this important achievement!

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InterConsultation is a Best Doctors’ patented, exclusive service, which offers access to over 53,000 highly renowned specialists.


A VIP service which helps you coordinate the following services: Hotel bookings, Travel arrangements, Medical appointments, Translation services.

Elite Navigator™

An exclusive service of our Medical Elite™ plan, which allows you to access a personal physician advocate.

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Video Testimonials
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Alfredo Sacal, shares his experience with acute myeloid leukemia and how his insurance coverage helped him get ahead.

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Clarisa shares her experience with li Fraumeni syndrome, a rare genetic syndrome inherited from her father, and how Best Doctors helped her with a terrifying diagnosis that changed her life.

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A mother’s love surpasses the unthinkable when her child is born with chronic kidney disease (stage 5) and is in dire need of a kidney transplant.

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Guillermo tells us how Best Doctors Insurance supported him during his battle against cancer.

Earthquake in Turkey and Syria

We are saddened to learn of the significant loss of life and tragic suffering being endured by so many. We wish to express our condolences and offer aid. If any of our members have been impacted and are in need, please contact us.