Celebrating men's health

Fatherhood is a precious gift, and it is essential to keep good health to enjoy the moments that come with it.

Key screenings a man needs in each stage of life

20’s and 30’s
Blood pressure  – At least once a year*
1 in 3 men have high blood pressure, a leading cause of stroke, heart or kidney disease.  Aim for  <120/80.

Cholesterol check   –Every 5 years*
Start by age 35, or earlier if you have risk factors. High cholesterol affects 38% of men.

Skin cancer check –Regular visual exam*
Men are more prone to skin cancer, so keep an eye on any unusual changes and discuss them with your doctor.

Diabetes screening – Every 3 years* 
1 in 10 men have diabetes and it can also run in the family.  Stay ahead of the game by screening regularly to prevent complications.

Prostate cancer screening – Every 2 to 3 years*
Start at age 45, or earlier if there’s a family history. This is the second most common cancer in men. Timely detection can nearly double survival rates.

Colonoscopy – Repeat every 10 years*
Start regular screenings at age 45. This is the third leading cause of cancer deaths in men. Prevention is key to improve outcomes.

50’s and beyond
Lung cancer screening
For men aged 50-80 with a history of heavy smoking, low-dose CT scans can reduce mortality by 20%.

Body Mass Index (BMI) check
Monitor regularly. Over 40% of men are obese, increasing the risk of various health issues. Maintaining a healthy BMI is crucial for overall health.

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*Or as prescribed by your doctor.

Sources: American Heart Association (AHA), American Cancer Society (ACS), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO